The Joys of Writers Block

Or how I overcame the brain hurts to write a few pages.

IMG_0732Ok so I have been on a deadline of sorts, ok self imposed, and I have been trying to write my characters story and get ready for the first night of gaming. Of course, this is when I get one of the worst migraines that I’ve had in a long while that lays me low for a whole day. I actually slept from Friday night until 6:30 pm on Saturday and was still suffering from the after effects. Addto this that I’ve had a bit of the writers block. Needless to say it has been a hard several days.

Writing for me is actually a very visual thing. I need to see the story in my head for me to be able to “create” it. Sometimes it is dreams, sometimes it is kind of like directing a play, but it always involves me “seeing” how things play out in my head. It has always been like this when I write. For as long as I can remember I have “seen” the story play out in my minds eye before I can write it down on the page. When I get migraines which is unfortunately is far to often, it seriously affects my writing process. I can’t think straight, never mind envision the story so I can write it. So you can see, when I have one of these migraines it is the worst thing that can happen to my creative process.


Basically it is my biggest fear, when I have a deadline, self imposed or not. I love being able to express myself creatively. I need it to keep myself sane. It is one of the things that I have learned over the past year as I try to rebuild my life. My creativity is a big part of who I am, and not being able to do it is a major downer and has lead to some dark places in my life. I do truly fear never being able to be creative again. I had thought for the past few years that I had lost my creativity, my artistry, but I now know that I was just blocked. And like any sort of block you run into you need to fight your way through it.

Fun Time in the Old Town Tonight

Spent the night at my friends house, writing my short story and watching them paint and make models. It is such inspiring stuff, though I do find it hard to keep my mind in the story with such amazing stuff going on all around me. I was still able to get about 500 words down and move my story along will I watched all this cool stuff going on. Dave put some minis out on the new temple to the One God that they finished tonight (see tantalizing pic below). I can honestly say that I can NOT wait to start playing.

I got the mini’s I ordered today and Dave cleaned them up and they already look awesome.

Believe me, it makes it so easy to write when I can use this stuff to visualize my scenes. Plus once everything is painted we will be able to take shots of the characters in the models to have visual representation of the scene. I can not wait!


Alarun’s Journel

Here is the beginning of a short story I am writing for my friends Sword and Sorcery campaign. He wants my character to leave the Great Northern Orc rebels of Baladruz and join the Vangen Kingdom to the north. My character has quite a backstory which has not all been written yet so that will come later. We had played 15 times before this particular story starts, so there are many things that are assumed while I was writing this. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did writing it.


Part 1

Alarun trudged through the encampment of great northern orcs. Shoving several aside as he made his way to the main fire. He sat with a groan of his weariness and the weight of his armor. The heat of the fire soothed away some of his pains. He rubbed his sore arms and sides and enjoyed the moment of peace he had found. The weather was starting to turn, autumn was in full swing and the chills of the night air stung worse than a Kromgaard’s sword. Alarun gazed at the Vangen and Kromgaard celebrating the great Dasmak’s victory over Kulti and his witch.

If these idiots only knew the truth of things, he thought. He had been there, fighting as Dasmak’s Thane. He had seen the great Dasmak be wounded, a sword thrust from Kulti that nearly killed the mighty Urog. Would they cheer his name as loudly if they knew that Alarun had slain Kulti and the goblin had killed Kulti’s witch. Would they celebrate as loudly if they knew that Dasmak only lived because of the goblin’s foul magic? He doubted it.

He saw the way the orcs looked at him. They feared his power, his Urog blood and the power of the true God Gardsbaal. The markings of the God on his flesh were a constant reminder to the Vangen orcs that he was truly not one of them. He would never be accepted here. He would always be looked upon with distain and fear. This did not bother him. He was proud of his heritage and his service to Gardsbaal was a strength to him in these hard times.

Alarun glared up at the main hall. The low wooden structure sat upon the nearby hill like some grim beast. He could see the guttural flicker of firelight within. He knew that the goblin and Dasmak were there, licking their wounds and planning what to do next. He spat into the fire and swore to himself in his native tongue. Several orcs moved away from him as he did. He had always had his reservations about the goblin but as of late the goblin had seemed to have chosen Dasmak as his favorite. Once again Alarun had been relegated to the role of subordinate, a role he did not relish.

His anger flared and his hand fell to the hilt of the Sword of Ixchel. He felt the sword’s influence slowly wash over his mind. The memories of Nibas, his margk brother, filled his mind. Nibas wearing his great chain hauberk and brass helm, ready for battle. A vision of himself wearing his brothers armor filled his mind. He stood on a hill overlooking a circular ruin. The standing stones broken and collapsed. The center a large pile of rubble covered in the snows of winter.

Alarun shook his head to clear the haze of the vision. He had experienced this before under the effects of the goblin’s magic. He turned and glared again at the main hall. His brothers gear was there, taken by the usurper Dasmak. He would no longer be a pawn of the goblin, or anyone else for that matter. He would carve out his own path I the world. First he needed to claim that which was rightfully his by trial of combat. He will reclaim his brother’s gear. His time here had ended.


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Hi all, did you miss me?

Well it has been a while since I posted here. I’ve been thinking and other things that really just generally hurt my head and I’ve come to the conclusion that I don’t need to give myself any extra headaches. Life is really hard as it is. So I will not be doing a weekly webcomic as planned. I’ve decided that I will use this place to express some of the things that I already do, namely writing and gaming, both video gaming and tabletop. These are passions of mine, and because of some awesome friends who encourage me (go check out their page it is full of awesome! Click Here!) to both write and game with their lovely minis and models (see image below) that I just have to post all the awesome. So look forward to seeing some of my writing posted here, some images of my game exploits and my thoughts on all things writing and gaming. I won’t neglect my video game habit you can be sure of that.

Ahh the joys of being hacked

Православни иконииконихолни масиI know it has been a while since I last posted, and I will do a post soon that updates everything that is going on. I found out that I lagged behind a bit on my wordpress updates and as a result my site was hacked and I was banned by any decent virus protection. It would seem I am more popular than I though, not!!!! I just don’t understand the thought process behind hacking an innocent blog, such as mine. Now that I am working again (YAY!!!!) and my life is getting interesting again, I promise I will be posting more often.

Long time no write

It has been about a year since the last time I wrote anything. The joy I once felt putting pen to paper has been smashed out of me by the depression of real life issues. I have always been an organic writer, the words flowing to me from the ether or my muse, whatever you wish to call it. I have been blocked or the well has run dry. My creativity has left me, or has more likely been stiffled by all the crap in my real life. I know I need to fix this, but as yet I don’t know how. Hopefully you guys out there can help. So I’m asking you all how do you get past issues that affect your pursuit of your dream?

Take Out the Trash

Nanonovember120X238The alternate title of this post was, NaNoWriMo = FAIL!

That what I feel like anyway. I didn’t participate at all, no write-ins, no writing, nothing at all. That in my book = FAIL! I need to make myself get in the habit of writing. I have to, if just to preserve my sanity. I really need to find a local writers group, so I will have deadlines, even if they are self imposed, to share something each time we meet. I really need to get back in the habit. It was truly the only time I’ve been really happy with what I do when not working or caring for my family. Now my hours are spent gaming and socializing on the game. I will still game to relax but I need to have a part of my day spent writing as well. If I ever plan on someday “seeing my name on the spine of a book” I need to carve out the time. This means prioritizing things, I need my life to have more structure than it does. I will work on that and update you on my progress.

Also wanted to say that I have been playing with my recording software and an audio post (not sure I can call it a podcast) will be coming soon. Once I get some of my fiction done and polished I will be putting that here as well.

Take Out the Trash from the album “The Else” by They Might Be Giants

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